Week 15 – Bubbles. Bangles & Beads

All week synopsis

Team Guys & Gals:

Bubbles – 9 hanging bags of fluids into by body (4 red – 5 white)

Bangles – 5 sets of needles in my arms

Beads – 10 dribbles of sweat not being able to have a smoke

Doc sent me into the Crash Shop last Friday.  Was confined till Monday afternoon. 4 blood transfusions, terrible food, more tests, new pills and machines, lots of doctors and nurses, etc…worse no football on the TV. A whole weekend of looking at scores on my Tablet.

Lhyn cooked me up a Cottage Pie the minute I got home! At least I got a decent night’s sleep. We’ll see how these new series of treatments work out.

Tuesday Afternoon – At least I can get back on the computer again for a short while and watched the Falcons score a garbage TD at the end to beat the spread.


>QB Tom Brady has really gotten emotional of late.  Love it!

>Can any defense stop Arron Rodgers?

>When WR Jordie Nelson of the Pack catches a TD, he just flips the ball to the official and jumps in the stands.  No dancing, no fist pounding, no celebration of any kind.  Now, that is class!

>49ers will not make the playoffs.  Watch out for St. Louis.

>As many as 12 Head Coaches maybe looking for jobs this winter.

>Prediction:  Oregon wins the 1st NCAA college playoff Title game.

>Here come the Seahawks.

>Lot of League/Team internal strife this season on all levels.  Bad for the image.

>Johnny Football is not a midget~got to always watch you say.

Wednesday Afternoon – At least I’m getting a bit of strength back. Lhyn went to church/always Wed) – kids are back in school as the big typhoon & rain headed for Vietnam too, just chilling out at home, taking quick power naps and since my Salon is only a block away, got a haircut, shave, pedicure and manicure here at the house . Heard from my son Rick – looks like he’s coming back here, end of this month which would be great. Fell in love with Burgos Street his last visit!

Home service

Thursday Afternoon:

Lunch time with my favorite – Take Away – Hot & Sour soup from Hop Chan, just down the street. Still hard to breathe, but fighting it.

For some reason like the Rams (-3) tomorrow morning and OVER 40.

Going against my principles, but will wait and see. Something to look forward to in the morning.

Once again, thanks for all your thoughts and Encouragement.

Coach T

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