Week 11 Ramblings Pre-Release

Dateline Manila – Friday/Saturday

Team Guys & Gals:

Ever since I’ve been working in SE Asia, I’ve always had a new car with a driver, so it was just a matter of sitting in the back and enjoying the ride.  That all came to a crashing halt when I fully retired, bought a used 2005 Mazda 3 and had to get behind the wheel.  Took me a while to get used to the traffic, but the car (although basic) was relatively easy to drive.

The 2015 Toyota Vios

Now we get this new Toyota Vios with all the latest bells and whistles and the dashboard is harder to figure out than Chinese arithmetic. There are 58 pages in the manual on how to just operate the stereo system. You have the regular radio (AM & FM) but who listens to that, a CD player, a USB port, a slot for an Ipod/Iphone and even a jack for a headset.  Modern technology has come a long way!

Been feeling shakey the last couple of days, so will get right to my picks for Week 11:

>After last weeks performance the Bears are still favored. Ouch! Taking the Vikings (+3) and under  46.5

>Still like the Packers (-5) at home against Philly and UNDER 55.5

>Seattle (+2) steamrolls the Chiefs.  They need the win badly

>Taking the Falcons in  PK’em game in Carolina

>Cincy and the Saints to go UNDER 51

>Washington (-7) wins another one at RFK

>The Broncos coast (-9) in Rams territory

>The 49er (-4) should take care of business against the Giants

The Cardinals eak out a win against the Lions going UNDER 41.5

Sticking with Brady and the points (+3). Should be a good game.

Forget MNF.  Not even wasting my time on this one.  Flex-scheduling?

Have  great weekend,

Coach T

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