Week 10 – Ramblings

Dateline – Makati
Team Guys & Gals:
Missed watching the thrashing my Brownies took out on the Bunguls as I had another denture fitting at the dentist. Unfortunately her clinic is in the dregs of Taguig and it’s a madhouse getting there and back fighting the narrow roads – jeepney’s, trucks, triyks and people. There are no ‘rules of the road’ here.
Afterward, headed for the Toyota Global City dealership. After 3 years of owning a used car and the eventual problems that continually come with it, decided to trade it in on a new one – which at this time – was the best option. Picked out a Metallic Chocolate Brown Vios – compact, reasonable in price, comfortable, easy to drive and with excellent gas mileage. Paid in full yesterday afternoon and I’ll pick it up Monday.  Funny thing about this country. You CANNOT test drive any car. Ordinary (sic) potential buyers jump in, drive off and NEVER come back. So when I take off for home, it will be my first time behind the wheel. Weird!  Pictures to follow next week.
Today is the first anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda that destroyed the island of Leyte.  They haven’t come close to recovering yet and it’s supposed to sunny the next few days with a high of 32C.  What a different a year makes!
It’s my son’s 14th birthday today too. Just a small party for him at the house. More Christmas shopping Sunday.  Love buying presents…and Lhyn took the kids to Cartimar to get more food for the birds and fish and more birds (2) and fish.
Birthday Cake Blowing the Candle Food & Cake
Watched an excellent movie earlier this week – “Blue Jasmine”. About how people in America get totally screwed up in relationships.  Another reason I live in SE Asia.
With the Cleveland victory on TNF, off to a good start for Week 10. Here’s who else I like.
Dallas and Jacksonville tee it up in London, England. 
Always take the OVER (45.5) in games across the Atlantic.
The Dolphins visit Ford Field in Detroit
Miami is on a roll but the Lions (-2.5) have a better shot at the playoffs so like their chances in a high scoring game (OVER 43) indoors in November
Kansas City (-1.5) should have little problem in Buffalo and it goes UNDER 42
The 49ers try to get untracked in New Orleans, but the Saints (-5) at home (like the Seahawks) are almost unbeatable. Another shootout looms so going the OVER 49
The Ravens (-9) went in the tank of late but should cover the line against Tennessee 
Upset Special:  The Jets beat the Steelers outright
Atlanta at Tampa Bay (+3) – Two lousy cellar dwellers, so always take the Home Team and if you’re getting points, so much the better.
Upset Special II: The Raiders cover (+12) against Denver.  Really?
St. Louis at Arizona – Cardinals maybe win but by less that 7 points. The Rams have an excellent defense too so taking the UNDER 43
The Giants have thrown in the towel so Seattle (-9) is not out of the realm of possibility to cover nor is the OVER 44
Could be snow in Chicago – like the Packers (-7) and UNDER 53
The ‘Sancheez’ is back but in a different colored green uniform, thus same results but a different look.  Like the Panthers (+7) and the UNDER 49
Longshot College Parlay:
LSU +7   Baylor  +6  Michigan State -3  Arizona State  -2.5
Moneyline Parlay:
St Louis  –  Jacksonville  –  Jets  –  Carolina
Enjoy the games and good luck!
Coach T
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