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Pre-Season 4 / Almost Crunch Time

Blue Bomber New Uniforms

Dateline: Manila – It’s Raining Again Guys & Gals: Week​#​3 of the pre-season is​finally ​done and gone. Did pretty well on my picks. 6 for 9 (there’s that magic number again) and the Jets cost me a 5 team parlay.Ugh! ​Garbage touchdowns in the waning minutes can also ​turn an UNDER into an OVER in […]

Dateline – Makati / On My Terra...


Guys & Gals: We are now entering into the ‘lull before the storm’. Twelve days before the final football game of the 2013 season, so will send out the occasional Ramblings when I feel like it – leading up to Super Bowl 48. Championship Weekend Review: Got up at 3:30am with great anticipation for the […]

Dateline – Sunny Manila and HOT

Manila Traffic

Guys & Gals: Local News: Picked up my new glasses from Rockwell the other day and wow…I can see again. What a difference. Also had a ‘de-tox’ treatment at the Salon next to Lhyn’s resto / bar to get all those ugly toxins out of my system. It’s amazing the junk that comes out of […]

Dateline: Manila, Thursday Ramblings ...

Coach & Lhyn

Guys & Gals: Since the Thursday Night/Friday Morning games are now in the history books, I’ll back up a day – comment on the prior weekend games, the latest football developments, maybe some social commentary, the college Bowl season is about to begin and I might even add the odd war story or two. Well, […]

A Sunny and Safe Manila

Toast to Arriving In One Piece

Guys & Gals: Well, it’s almost over. 16 games will be played on Thursday night (Friday Morning my time) and that officially ends training camp and the ugly exhibition season we have been forced to sit through the entire month of August. The next day, all 32 teams must get down to a 53 man […]

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