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Dateline Woodmans Resto / Bar Saturda...

Dateline Woodmans Resto / Bar Saturday

Dateline Woodman’s Resto / Bar Saturday Guys & Gals:: Knew it was going to be a rough weekend when Doc emailed me on Thursday night and said my red blood cells were extremely low and I urgently needed a transfusion. She ordered me to the hospital at 8am the next morning. Now, Friday’s here are […]

Pre-Season 3

Pre-Season 3

Dateline -Manila / Not Going Anywhere Guys & Gals: The 2nd full week of pre-season is in the books and my theory did pretty good…going 10-6 in home wins. Almost hit my parlay but the Bears stumbled out of the gate and failed to cover the (-4) spread. Couldn’t believe the 49er’s playing for the […]

Dateline Makati: Actually Chilly at N...

Makati at night

Guys & Gals: Local News: Don’t know what’s happening, but I’ve been wearing a T-Shirt around the house lately. Temperatures went as low as 22C/72F last night yet it was actually refreshing. In Bangkok, site of the recent and on-going protest demonstrations, it was the coldest evening in 30 years. Crazy, but at least it’s […]

Dateline – Makati / On My Terra...


Guys & Gals: We are now entering into the ‘lull before the storm’. Twelve days before the final football game of the 2013 season, so will send out the occasional Ramblings when I feel like it – leading up to Super Bowl 48. Championship Weekend Review: Got up at 3:30am with great anticipation for the […]

Dateline – Sunny Manila and HOT

Manila Traffic

Guys & Gals: Local News: Picked up my new glasses from Rockwell the other day and wow…I can see again. What a difference. Also had a ‘de-tox’ treatment at the Salon next to Lhyn’s resto / bar to get all those ugly toxins out of my system. It’s amazing the junk that comes out of […]

Dateline Manila – Still Somewha...


Guys & Gals: The holiday season has come to an end – finally…and we’re back to normal on Monday. Hope everyone had a joyous Holiday Season and all the best in 2014. College Bowl Games: Some fantastic College Bowl games earlier this week. Texas A&M won a shootout with Duke in the waning minutes and […]

Dateline: Saturday Morning Manila ...

Our Christmas Tree

Guys & Gals: As we approach the Holiday Season, the only thing missing is snow – but can do without that. Years of living in Chicago and Winnipeg cured me of that habit a long time ago. Great Christmas Party at Woodman’s on Wednesday night. The place was packed from 7pm onwards and the food […]

A Sunny and Safe Manila

Toast to Arriving In One Piece

Guys & Gals: Well, it’s almost over. 16 games will be played on Thursday night (Friday Morning my time) and that officially ends training camp and the ugly exhibition season we have been forced to sit through the entire month of August. The next day, all 32 teams must get down to a 53 man […]

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