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Dateline Woodmans Resto / Bar Saturda...

Dateline Woodmans Resto / Bar Saturday

Dateline Woodman’s Resto / Bar Saturday Guys & Gals:: Knew it was going to be a rough weekend when Doc emailed me on Thursday night and said my red blood cells were extremely low and I urgently needed a transfusion. She ordered me to the hospital at 8am the next morning. Now, Friday’s here are […]

Pre-Season 4 / Almost Crunch Time

Blue Bomber New Uniforms

Dateline: Manila – It’s Raining Again Guys & Gals: Week​#​3 of the pre-season is​finally ​done and gone. Did pretty well on my picks. 6 for 9 (there’s that magic number again) and the Jets cost me a 5 team parlay.Ugh! ​Garbage touchdowns in the waning minutes can also ​turn an UNDER into an OVER in […]

Pre-Season 3

Pre-Season 3

Dateline -Manila / Not Going Anywhere Guys & Gals: The 2nd full week of pre-season is in the books and my theory did pretty good…going 10-6 in home wins. Almost hit my parlay but the Bears stumbled out of the gate and failed to cover the (-4) spread. Couldn’t believe the 49er’s playing for the […]

Dateline Makati: Actually Chilly at N...

Makati at night

Guys & Gals: Local News: Don’t know what’s happening, but I’ve been wearing a T-Shirt around the house lately. Temperatures went as low as 22C/72F last night yet it was actually refreshing. In Bangkok, site of the recent and on-going protest demonstrations, it was the coldest evening in 30 years. Crazy, but at least it’s […]

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