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Dateline Makati: Actually Chilly at N...

Makati at night

Guys & Gals: Local News: Don’t know what’s happening, but I’ve been wearing a T-Shirt around the house lately. Temperatures went as low as 22C/72F last night yet it was actually refreshing. In Bangkok, site of the recent and on-going protest demonstrations, it was the coldest evening in 30 years. Crazy, but at least it’s […]

Dateline – Makati / On My Terra...


Guys & Gals: We are now entering into the ‘lull before the storm’. Twelve days before the final football game of the 2013 season, so will send out the occasional Ramblings when I feel like it – leading up to Super Bowl 48. Championship Weekend Review: Got up at 3:30am with great anticipation for the […]

Dateline: Subic Bay – Angeles C...

At Tequila Reef

Guys & Gals: Been a pretty hectic four days. Opened up all the Christmas Presents at 11pm on Xmas Eve, then enjoyed one of Lhyn’s special treats…baked Lasagna. Up in the morning and off for Subic.  Hardly any traffic, so made it 2:15 minutes arriving around noon. Couldn’t decide between Treasure Island and Johan’s Resort, […]

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