Pre-Season Ramblings Week 2 / Six to Nine

Dateline – Manila

Guys & Gals:
Met with my oncologist yesterday afternoon. If I do nothing, she gives me 3-4 weeks. My cancer is incurable. If I try Chemo, she says maybe 6-9 months, so start treatments next Monday. I’ve lost my voice for the duration as the tumor has blocked my vocal chords and will continue to cough periodically, but that can’t be helped. It is what it is…and will go down fighting. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to party and enjoy the time I have left.​Doctors can sometimes be wrong too.​Should have one good NFL season left anyway….Ha!

A Numbers Tale:
Funny how numbers trigger the mind from long ago. #69 has always been a favorite (in more ways than one) and was at Woodbine Race Track in Toronto one afternoon when I was approached by a guy who looked liked he’d slept on a park bench for the last 3 years. He asked who I liked in the Daily Double and I quickly replied 6 & 9, not even looking at the program and off he went. Checking the odds, the #6 horse was Dude Ship going off at 70-1 odds in the first race and #9 Desna was off at 50-1 in the 2nd race. To make a long story short, Dude Ship starts dead last but circles the field and wins the opener. Now I’m paying a bit more attention and notice Desna is wearing white silks with pink po​lka dots. Couldn’t miss him from 10 miles away. The gate opens, he comes out like a rocket, takes a 20 length lead and they can’t catch him. Daily Double payout was $11,500 and change for a $2 bet. Five minutes later, the same guy appears and says “Hey, your good. Who do you like in the 3rd?”. Didn’t even give me a tip! Those were the days!

The First Week:
Not a bad for the start of the pre-season. Three of the five first time HC’s were winners. Forgot that Lovie Smith of the Bucs was the former HC of the Bears and wasn’t into exhibition games and hard to believe the Texans were shut out. Not a good start for a team that lost 14 in a row to end last year.

Following my formula, like the Bears -4 / Pats -2.5 /Seattle -5.5 and Steelers -1 in Week 2.

As of yet, no TV coverage of any exhibition games locally. Hope this doesn’t continue into September. Just as a back-up, signed for NFL Audio Pass and Game Pass to play safe.

The Psychedelic Era:
Fifty years is a long time, but still nice to be remembered. My other grandson, Trey sent me an article from a Website called the Huddle, originating out of Winnipeg. It tells it like it is about my days with the Blue Bombers – in what the author describes as the ‘Psychedelic Era’ of the CFL. Click on the link below and enjoy!

In last weeks Ramblings, I talked about a ‘generation gap’ in genes and believe there is a bright football future for my grandson, Josh. Just to clarify, my son Rick was also an outstanding athlete, starting in the defensive backfield in high school as well as for Memphis State University. Believe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t get the proper coaching needed at those levels. Josh has also switched to my original number #10 (pix attached) which brought me good luck at Northwestern. We’ll see how it all shakes out for him in the months to come.

Jake Needham – “The Big Mango”
While still writing my weekly column for the Bangkok Post a long while back,​got a neat email from Jake Needham, one of the most elite authors of ​international ​crime/suspense novels in SE Asia. It is always a privilege to get a compliment from such a famous writer, so went out and bought his best seller at the time, called “The Big Mango” and loved it. Many years later and with time on my hands, went searching in my library and there was “The Big Mango”​on the ​now​ reading it again and it’s even better​. Dropped him another email just to say hi and this was his reply. ​

“I’m always absolutely delighted to get an online plug, and being plugged by you would be especially great.
​ ​
I’ve attached a couple of groups of covers you can stick in. Here are the links:”

Jack Shepherd books:
Inspector Tay books:

My website is:

I’m really looking forward to keeping up with you​r​ columns this season. Thanks so much for getting in touch.

Taking advantage of technology and cost, he’s gone the E-Book route, so will be reading his new novels on my tablet while spending 4 hours in the chemotherapy treatment room each Monday!

So sad to hear about Robin Williams. A great talent gone to waste. My favorite movies; “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Good Will Hunting”. He will be missed!

Good luck this weekend but don’t go overboard.
Coach T​

QB Josh Thornton

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  1. Larry Thomas Larry Thomas
    August 14, 2014    

    Coach, thanks for your updates and positive attitude, our prayers are with you my friend.

  2. Bob Sewell Bob Sewell
    August 15, 2014    

    Your in the big game now Coach and the stands are full of your fans and all cheering for you. Go for the win! Keep the newsletters coming.

  3. Olive C. Curran Olive C. Curran
    August 18, 2014    

    The Benedictines are storming heaven….

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