Nfl Week #10 MID-WEEK Ramblings

Dateline Makati – A Big Surprise
Birthday Invitation Poster The Big Banner
Team Guys & Gals:
In the back of my mind (my birthday) Saturday night, was wondering why Lhyn was sort of politely telling me to ‘hurry up’.  No rush, I thought – we were just going bar hopping in the neighborhood.
Birthday Cake The Cake The family members
Then we take a taxi to go 100 meters from our house to Woodman’s Resto/Bar where Lhyn is the chef.
I suddenly realized why – when saw all the people, inside & outside the bar and became totally shell-shocked. Lhyn had completely fooled me.

Birthday Wish Blowing the Candle Family with my Bestfreind Restaurant Crew
There were friends from near & far, a band, professional photographers/videographers, plenty of food and drinks, balloons, posters, 500+ on a big screen of my life’s story complete with music (where she found some of those pictures – have no idea) and it became a very emotional evening – beginning to end.

Lhyn’s speech was the highlight for me and I guess for everyone else too.  I’m still recovering!  Whatever, it was the BEST birthday party I’ve ever had in my entire life.
Lhyn & I

Went to see the Dentist on Monday. Need a complete new set of upper & lower dentures.  Ugh!  All from a broken jaw suffered in 1961. Such was the life of a pro football player back in that era. I wore a single bar my whole career. Broke my nose eight times too!.

Cover Canadian Magazine

​ ​

Tuesday, Lhyn went to Baclaran Market to do some Xmas shopping​ while I held down the fort.


Wednesday, it was the Asian Eye Institute for an exam.  Seems the Chemo treatments have caused some blurriness, so getting new glasses this afternoon at Rockwell. If isn’t one thing it’s another. Other than that, medically, still staying strong.




Had a very good week with my picks. (15-7-1)

but got walloped in my Handicap Parlay by the Chargers, then the UNDER went out the window early in the second half on MNF when the Giants folded up like overalls at quittin time.
​ ​



Some Pertinent Questions?
a)  How can a team play so bad one week and then so good the next?
b)  How can a team play great one week and horrible the next?
c)  How can you put yourself out for the season with an injury doing an unnecessary sack dance?
d)  Are the Arizona Cardinals that good or just lucky?
e)  Are the San Francisco 49ers that bad or just unlucky?
f)  Are the Seahawks still a bit overconfident?
g)  Are the Jets, Bucs, Jags and Raiders that bad?  I can answer that one….YES


Quote of the week:  Peyton Manning.  “I’ve got to play better”.  There is no I in the word TEAM.  The Football Gods are now angry again, Look what they did to the Falcons this season. Bet the Patriots.

My Brownies and the Bengals battle on TNF:
Both  teams have 5 wins this season, but now the Steelers are lurking in the playoff mix, so this contest is really important to both teams in the Division race. It’s starting to get cold now too, so like the UNDER 45.5 and taking Cleveland (+6)

Have a great weekend;

Coach T




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  1. Christine Lavely Christine Lavely
    November 9, 2014    

    Happiest Birthday to an unique and brave Man! Bless you with more love and health. Sincerely your Chicago friend since 1967, Christine Lavely

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