Mid Week Ramblings – Week 11 Thursday

Dateline – Manila / Summer’s Coming
Team Guys & Gals:
We finally picked up our new wheels on Monday afternoon – but waited around the dealership for four hours. They were not very organized and we had a rookie sales lady. It’s also the first time I ever bought a car where I never saw the actual model, nor the color, nor driven it – till we hit the highway. Whatever, it’s a smooth ride, though still trying to figure out what buttons do on the dashboard as no one had no idea and we got no instruction.  Even the owner’s manual is geared toward three different types of vehicles which is unique in itself. Anyhow, Lhyn drove to the Cash & Carry Tuesday and she loves it, so that’s most important.  Just another SE Asia experience.
The New Toyota

Readers have asked about my next goal in staying alive and that has to be Thanksgiving Day – coming later this month. They serve a true American turkey feast at Team Insider with loads of white meat, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for desert. A real winner!
Already enrolled Ashleigh for Grade 4 at St. Paul’s. She loves the school, is doing well and it’s only 5 minutes from my house. This guarantees her a spot in the lineup for next June.
Back to the dentist today for another fitting and then see Doc Denky on Monday for another cancer check-up.  Details on my latest condition next week.
Short Takes on Week 10:
Whenever you cross the goal line, make sure you have the ball. Utah had a possible 14 point lead early and suddenly it was 7-7 against Oregon. Thinking celebrations early can be very costly. In fact, they should outlaw celebrations all together.  Act professional at all times. Hey, Just my opinion.

They should also outlaw any pass interference penalty on a ‘hail mary’.  It’s a free for all to begin with – as many as 10-14 players fighting for the ball. The Saints got robbed of a victory once again.

Green Bay and the Eagles racked up exactly 100 points together on SNF & MNF. What ever happened to DEFENSE? 
Started 2-0 to begin the week – ended 1-3.  Did pretty good in the middle though.
The Cardinals should still be OK despite losing their QB Carson Palmer to a knee injury.

Steelers get beat by the Jets.  I called it! Just cause you break a few records, there is always next Sunday.

Buffalo (+6) faces Miami in Florida OVER 42 on TNF:
Both pretty evenly matched teams with identical records of 5-4, and lingering two games of the pace set be the Patriots in the AFC East. Each offense sputtered last weekend, so expect a scoring battle which seems to be the growing trend of late.
Have a good lead-in to the weekend.
Coach t
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