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Dateline – Back At My Desk
Guys & Gals:
Another fabulous trip on Air Asia from Tagbilaran Airport back to Manila on Sunday afternoon. Smooth flight all the way and even landed thirty minutes early. As the only passengers in Baggage Claim, quickly retrieved our check-in luggage, grabbed a taxi outside the front door and with less weekend traffic – easily getting home at 6pm – with the entire family there to greet us an anxiously waiting their ‘pasalubongs’.  
Love that old Domestic Terminal 4…away from the maddening crowds.
New Chemo  Hat
Week 6 – One Liners:
>Stayed in-house cause I knew I had to get up at 1am Monday morning to watch the early NFL games. The ASN-TV game was the pits, so switched to Game Pass watching a variety of contests on the computer While passing the night away.
> Was 16-4-1 in my Rambling picks.  Bout time I had a good week.  Hope some of you rode them to big wins. Even my parlay scored although the Packers pushed, giving me a three teamer instead of four. But I’ll take it.
> The Bengals PK missed a chip shot FG at the end of OT, so Cincy had to settle for a tie with Carolina. That might hurt both teams when it comes to playoff seedings in December.
>The Giants looked like Tampa Bay on SNF.  They couldn’t do anything right. Could easily be the Eagles & Dallas for NFC East title.
> The Seahawks had a early lead 10-0 at home, but failed to stay focused and the Cowboys eventually came back to win late. Disappointing!
>  Vikings only scoring 3 points against the Lions.  Not good! Trouble brewing on the sidelines?
>  The Football Gods continue to haunt the Atlanta Falcons. Bears get another easy victory.
>  My Brownies are finally in the playoff hunt. Great decisive win over Pittsburgh.
>  The Cardinals have one hell of a defense. Take their UNDERS every week if the number is right.
>  A fake intentional spike sparked Green Bay to a win over Miami. Smart Move by Rodgers who caught the defense napping.
>  I’ve given up on Buffalo…why not change their uniforms for a start?
> By not playing a ‘prevent defense’ with 20 seconds left in the first half, the right CB of the Rams was isolated ‘one on one’ with the WR and got burnt for an 80 yard TD.  San Fran never looked back in the 2nd half. Amazing how one play can make such a big difference.  
>  Speaking of the Rams, I do not recognize any name on their entire roster. Bring back Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson.
>  The backup RB for the Cowboys was fined more than $29,000 (a game cheque) for shoplifting this week. He stole underwear and a bottle of cologne from a department store.  What?
The Report on My C-Scan from Tuesday:
Over the past two months, my appetite has come back – put on 7 kilos plus got some extra strength back in my legs, but was still nervous as I entered the Radiology area at St. Luke’s for my test. At exactly 11am, was climbing aboard the entrance to the ‘machine’ and getting last minute instructions from 5 nurses. Then after being injected with dye and other assorted liquids, it was a half hour of “Breathe In – Hold Your Breath – Breathe” and “Don’t Swallow – Swallow” from a magnetic voice as the scanner whirled around and around making all kinds of strange noises and that was it!  Naturally, I was really curious about the results, but none of the nurses were saying a word – Hospital Policy.
The C-Scan
Felt kind of shaky the next 36 hours as the radiation hit me later and my body trying to get that awful junk out of my system, but then Lhyn discovered that St. Luke’s has gone Hi-Tech. Yesterday, she called up the hospital Website on the computer, went to Test Results, typed in my ID and password and there it was – a single spaced 3 page report – with the complete findings of my Scan.  
Of course, it was filled with all these strange, unpronounceable medical terms throughout but what I could gather was ‘topline’ – my tumor has decreased in size, it has not spread and all my other main organs…heart, kidneys and liver etc…are normal.  What a relief that was!  Guess I’ll be able to celebrate my 75 birthday after all.  We see Doc on Monday to get the official translation.  So it was off to the Cathouse to celebrate last night with a few frozen Margaritas and let my buddies know the good news. 
To further enhance to occasion, the kids have Semester Break from school October 25th till November 3rd, so called up Treasure Island – my favorite resort at Subic Bay – and booked two rooms for the gang so we can all relax in 10 days time.  The kids love swimming and the beach – I love the Duty Free Shopping, Tom Ka Gai soup and oysters at the Blue Rock restuarant down the road.
The O.P. Trial
After seven months, continue to watch the Oscar Pistorius murder trial with interest and fascination. For some reason, he beat the life sentence, but was found guilty of culpable homicide. They are now in the sentencing stage – both the defense and prosecution battling it out – trying to influence the judge who has full power to decide if he goes in the slammer or gets house arrest. Regardless, he killed his girlfriend and needs to pay the price of a foolhardy decision.
TNF – New York (+10) at New England (Friday morning Manila Time)
At 1-5, it’s definitely crunch time for the Jets.  Both HC Rex Ryan and QB Geno Smith are on top of the Bunsen Burner and must produce tomorrow.  The Football Gods are still extracting revenge on the Patriots in the way of key injuries and not playing their best against lousy teams at home…so taking New York plus the 10 points and the game to go UNDER 46.5  Just a hunch!
I’m very happy and continue to fight~
Coach T
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