Mid Week 5 Ramblings

Dateline – Manila Thursday Afternoon

Team Guys & Gals:
Another bizarre week. Reminded me of the movie (one of my favorites too) “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” – It was all there! I was lucky to scramble 7 wins in our Pigskin Pick-Em contest and thanks to the KC Chiefs, they bailed me out financially on MNF. The Raiders took advantage of the coming Bye Week and fired their HC, the Bills benched their starting QB and Houston’s DE – J.J. Watt gets an 80 yard ‘pick six’ in the process which covered the line. Thirteen teams have 2-2 records which is really unusual.
Advice: Bet small the next couple of weeks till things even out – it’s crazy….

Quick Trip to Angeles City:
Left Tuesday at the half of the Chiefs/Pats game (already confident) and arrived AC noontime. Went straight to SM Clark Mall and coined a new phrase “Typhoon Shopping”. You go into the different sections of the department store and if you see something you like – buy it. No messing around. When you can’t walk too far in stretches at one time (like 50 metres) there is no time to waste.
I got a cane with a fold up/down seat which is perfect for ‘Malling’ so when I get tired, just plop down wherever I’m at in an aisle – for a rest. Needless to say, had a long power nap when we finally checked into the Orchid Inn.

Met up with my former golf group buddies that early evening at poolside and we had a blast telling war stories. I was sort of hard to recognize, since I’ve lost 20 kilos and with no hair – but that’s a few of the side effects of Chemo. Picture attached with my good friend, Mike Hudson, the group leader. A frozen margarita with chips and dip at Tequila Reef and a great massage ended the night.

After a manicure and buzzcut, saw Doc Tan in the morning. Got more pills and had two injections. – another T-shot and a Vitamin B. We’ll see if that gives me more energy. Luckily made it back to Makati in the afternoon with minimal traffic on Edsa, before the skies opened up.

Medical Update:
Excellent meeting with Doc Denky this morning. Everything seems to be under control and she’s very pleased with my current condition; especially that I have my appetite back. Regardless, it’s been a very rough three month period. The C-Scan is scheduled for October 14, which is two days after we return from the island of Bohol to check on the status of my tumor and am keeping my fingers crossed. One thing that really surprised me; she brought me back a pasalubong (Tagalog for present or gift) from Vegas. Picture Attached. Thought that was really nice of her to do that. Of course, Ashleigh immediately grabbed it and put it on her head.

My Pasaluong
Thursday Night (Friday Morning) Football Bummer
The Vikings are +9 underdogs to Green Bay at Lambeau so best staying away from this game. The O/U is 47.5 but the jury is still out on whether rookie QB, Bridgewater is healthy enough to play after his ankle injury last weekend and he’s a real playmaker. Have no idea who his back-up is either.

What I am going to do is make a college parlay this weekend.

Florida Atlantic -6.5 Virginia -6.5 Louisville -2.5
Texas State -17 Utah +14 Toledo -5

Two 3 folds and 1 all six. Just for the fun of it!

I continue to fight!
Coach T
Coach & Mike

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  1. November 2, 2014    

    Hi, bet you thought I wouldn’t remember you for a Happy Birthday greeting. Sorry to hear about the lung cancer but you are a survivor!! My prayers and my thoughts are with you as you, your wife, and daughter go through this together. You are a trooper and perhaps I can cheer you with a Happy Birthday greeting from Memphis. I’m doing well..now the 2nd term of my Presidency with the Poetry Society of Tennessee. Bill and I are happy and still live in Memphis. Do have a country home in the Ozarks which we go to quite frequently. Quiet, no noise, no fire engines, just silence with the birds, moon, and stars. If you ever get a chance, e-mail me or call me at 901-361-0077. Drove by Rhodes College the other day!! Looks the same..campus is beautiful.

    Tricky Dick, you hang in there and as I said many prayers for your recovery. BTW I have 9 grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren, and with Bill’s 5 grandchildren, that makes a lot. You take care, Coach, Always your Country girl from Tennessee

  2. JoAn Robbins-Howerton JoAn Robbins-Howerton
    November 2, 2014    

    Coach, you look so thin but have that same smile and writing talent. Love your “Ramblings” and keep it up. I have been to Subic Bay, Angeles City, Manila, Baguio, some of the towns mentioned years ago. Hang in there and let me hear from you sometime.

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