Early Edition – Monday Sept 1st, 2014

Dateline Manila – The Sky Is Falling

Guys & Gals:
Finally, the pre-season is over and we can get down to the ‘Real Thing” ( old Coca-Cola slogan) and with the only one game scheduled to kick it all off – Green Bay at Seattle. That will come on Friday morning at 8:30am (Manila Time) and watch it at Howzat with my good friend, Lee who is flying in the night before from Bangkok. That is if ASN makes up their mind to televise it?
Both teams had a solid August, the Pack have the revenge factor going for them (the Fail Mary) and an advantage in back up QB’s. The big edge is in Seattle’s favor playing at home aided by the 12th Man. Unless some crazy things happen, I’m taking the Seahawks to win but only by a FG. I’ll also be wearing my new Seattle Super Bowl Hat. But from a betting standpoint, taking Green Bay +6 and the UNDER 46.

Fantasy Pigskin Pick-Em​:

ESPN Fantasy Challenge:
My good friend, Johan from Sweden and I started battling each other several years back and now you can join in – if you so desire. Go to the ESPN Sports Website and sign in to be a member, there is no fee. Click on Fantasy Games and then Pigskin Pick-Em Spread. Create a team name, and sign up under the public league – manilapick. Select your teams for Week 1 save em and your in. Come join the party!

Down Memory Lane:
Got a real neat email from an ex-teammate, Tommy Chown the other day and it immediately reminded me of a story. It was April 1973. During my playing days in Toronto, did a lot of work for travel agencies and still had a Caribbean cruise in hand. Was going to take ex-wife #2 (stewardess – marry me and fly free and then she quit) but she ran off with some pilot on New Years Day, so asked Tommy if he wanted to join me. Of course, he jumped at the chance and he was the perfect choice for a companion. Very funny guy.
Now you have to remember, cruise liners in those days had two types of passengers. 80 years old and dead plus us two young dudes in their 30’s. It was a German liner and we all know they are very strict with the rules yet we broke most of them. They even sent a memo around to everyone on the 3rd day that “there were two passengers on board, not abiding by the guidelines.” In essence, we mostly hung around with the crew on shore at the various islands and at night we HAD to play Bingo. Nothing else to do.

Now it’s the last night and the big jackpot was there for the taking by filling your entire card before anyone else. Naturally, we had a few drinks as the numbers were being called when suddenly look at my card and I have ONE number left. The Entertainment Director had a ball in his hand, when I suddenly leaped out of my seat and said “Stop the Race. That number is O-64 and I win! Sure enough that was the number. If 500 little old ladies faces could kill, I’d have been dead that night and we got immediately escorted quickly out of the room.

The payout was $17,000 dollars (lot of money back then) so Tommy and I decided to stay a little longer down in Florida. We stayed in a Suite in South Beach (before it was South Beach) lived like kings – hit the horse races, dog track and jai-lai upon occasion and came back to Canada, 3 months later when we ran out of cash. True story and I’ll never forget that.

He also sent me a verse by Alfred Lord Tennyson from the 18th Century and believe it fits my current situation.

“We are not now that strength which in the old days
Moved earth and Heaven; we are, one equal-temper of heroic hearts,
Yet made weak by time and fate, but strong in will”


Get It While You’re Hot:
Lots of comments about my last Ramblings on my book that was banned in 1971. Publisher gave me an advance that almost equaled my football salary, so couldn’t say no. Wasn’t a great book, but fun, humourous and insightful. Never occurred to me about the (sic) Establishment viewpoint. My whole career was basically ‘thinking outside the box’ and was controversial to a degree, but positive. The Argo organization was ready to boot me into outer space, but made Coach Cahill a deal. Told him, I’ll make the team at another position or walk. Thank to QB Joe Theismann who threw me the ball 50 times in the pre-season, I started the first half of the season at Wide Receiver, the second half at Left Cornerback, had my finest year ever and was a fumble away from the MVP of the Grey Cup. For that; I got ZERO recognition and am still not in the CFL Hall of Fame. Go figure? The ghosts of the ‘glory days’ still haunt me…
Picture attached from writing my novel on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii in 1970.

poet 002

Medical Update:
Met with Denky (really neat lady) at the hospital this morning, who is my Oncologist and said all signs are positive thus far after the two Chemo treatments a week apart. But let me tell ya, the last 15 days have been hell on my body. Constantly tired, no zip, the hiccups, pain here and there, but fighting through it. As Doc said, “Just keep on trucking” which is exactly what I’m doing. They took a few more blood tests too, to see if I’m ready for another Chemo dose next Monday.

Thus, will drive to Angeles City for the weekend. Staying in a Suite at the Orchid Inn and taking the kids, because they love to swim, will see Doc Tan, stop in at Garfields Bar, do a little shopping at SM Clark and enjoy a couple of frozen Margarita’s at Tequila Reef that night. Maybe even visit the Stable and say hi to ‘Harry The Horse’. He churns out a monthly column on all the latest happenings in AC – which is great reading.

I’ll work on my picks for Week 1 this week and send it out next Saturday.
Till then – I’m hanging in there!

Coach T

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