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Dateline Woodman’s Resto / Bar Saturday

Guys & Gals::
Knew it was going to be a rough weekend when Doc emailed me on Thursday night and said my red blood cells were extremely low and I urgently needed a transfusion. She ordered me to the hospital at 8am the next morning. Now, Friday’s here are a bitch traffic wise, so Lhyn and I left at 6:45am to make sure we got a taxi, arriving St. Luke’s at 7:15am. Then, the guard at Starbucks gives me a salute, which is the sure sign for being a regular customer! Ugh!

After a cappuccino, went to the treatment room and I was the only one there. At 9am, they finally took a blood sample to make a match for the transfusion which took 4 hours. At 1pm, the nurse finally stuck the needle in my wrist and had the proper blood flowing into my system which took another 4 hours. Talk about boring…but feeling stronger today.

So we finally get outside to catch a cab home and there is a line a mile long and it’s raining. To make a long story short, we arrived at 8pm. Talk about a long day!

The make matters worse, the storm crashed my wireless at home, so typing this from Lhyn’s Resto amidst total chaos. Can’t even get the lines. so these are my thoughts from what I remember.

The Bears should beat Carolina – OVER

My Brownies beat the Titans

Philly should stomp the Rams – OVER looks good

The Giants win another one against Atlanta – Like the UNDER

The Saints get back on a winning track – Go OVER

The Texans beat Dallas

Love Detroit at home facing Buffalo – Go UNDER

The Cardinals will beat the Broncos and KC wins again in California

The Jets are toast in San Diego and the Bengals defeat the Pats on MNF

Sorry about all this
Coach T

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