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Dateline – Manila

Team Guys & Gals:
After 4 months of a myriad of doctor visits and blood tests, three chest X-Rays, a CAT-Scan, the biopsy, a Bone Scan and a Pulmonary Power Blow Test, the verdict is now in on the type of treatment…just ME and my inner strength and I want it that way.

After rejecting, surgery, chemo and radiation due to my age and the potential consequences. am going to fight this on my own and only treat the side effects (blood sugar, prostate, low blood pressure and weight loss) that are slightly hampering my normal lifestyle. A trip to the ‘witch doctor’ in Olongapo is also on the schedule. Have already had six referrals on him and have come across four in my lifetime – all working wonders on my body. You gotta believe and stranger things have happened.

>Although the NBA Finals have been somewhat less than exciting, my theory still holds true that an unselfish TEAM effort as shown by San Antonio will always out shadow one superstar.

>In one of the most heart stopping Stanley Cup Finals in many years, again a TEAM effort by the Los Angeles Kings proved worthy of holding the championship trophy high in the air after a thrilling 3-2 win in double OT.

>This legal wrangling between Donald Sterling and the NBA is getting ridiculous. There can be no winner when the eventual outcome is determined…if ever. The picture attached below from SI says it all!

>I agree with Al Michaels. The nickname “Redskins” has been around for 70 years. Just because America has gone berserk with political correctness of late, doesn’t mean Daniel Snyder should change the name of the team.

>When the story broke last week by a former member of the UNC basketball team about ‘Paper Classes” I wasn’t at all surprised. One never attends class, turns in a term paper (that someone else writes) and you get an A. Wish they had those when when I was in college.

>The World Cup is in full swing with already lots of controversy about the officiating. Still cannot understand with the speed of the game today, that there is still only ONE referee and NO instant replays. Crazy game!

Of Note:
*It’s been 20 years this past week since the infamous OJ Simpson Bronco chase down the highways of LA. My how time flies!

*The police are finally putting ‘the boot’ to motorists in Thailand. Wish they would do that in Manila! Picture Attached

*Was left off the nominee list AGAIN for this year’s selection of being an All-Time Argo. But once again, thanks to everyone who voted for me in the recent on-line petition. and I will always still stand by my accomplishments.

*My good buddy, Johan finally married his cellphone in a quiet civil ceremony in Stockholm and is now honeymooning on a cruise down the Amazon River while another good friend, Andrew lost his passport and WC tickets on the way to Brazil. Ouch!

*Only six more weeks till the start of NFL training camps and the first exhibition game will feature the Giants & Bills during Hall of Fame Week on August 3rd. We’re getting close!

In Family News:
Lhyn celebrated her 10th month in the kitchen at Woodman’s Pub yesterday. She has also taken a strong leadership role with both the staff and customers and am very proud of her for that. Of course, she gets good coaching! Ha!
Ashleigh is also firmly entrenched in Grade 3 at St. Paul’s Makati and loves it. Since this is Father’s Day, took them to Rockwell Mall and bought a new Samsung 40″ SMART TV complete with new speaker system and DVD player. Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t mention that football season is right around the corner.

Recent picture of my Special Twins below. Have a good week as I’m still rocking on all 8 cylinders.
Coach T


The Boot in Bangkok

The Twins

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