Pre-Season 4 / Almost Crunch Time

Dateline: Manila – It’s Raining Again

Guys & Gals:
Week​#​3 of the pre-season is​finally ​done and gone. Did pretty well on my picks. 6 for 9 (there’s that magic number again) and the Jets cost me a 5 team parlay.Ugh! ​Garbage touchdowns in the waning minutes can also ​turn an UNDER into an OVER in a real hurry​as well.​

Since I bought NFL Game Pass, was able to watch ​parts of ​every team in action last week on my computer and surprisingly saw some good things from players on the bubble. We can read about the ‘chopping block’ in a few days when teams get down to the 53 man limit by Saturday (a total of 1,154 players will be out of work)​. As for betting Week ​#​4 – use a Dart board or the Tarot cards if you have to. All games will be played on Thursday night (Friday morning my time)

The Two-QB System:
Looks like Johnny Football has ‘flipped’ h​is way out of a chance to start the regular season or maybe ​even play a down. Watching my Brownies, they may ​not win a game with either QB. I was involved in one QB platoon season back in 1972 We ended up in the cellar, the coach got fired and everyone over 30 years of age got cut – including me! It doesn’t work!​ Since Rams QB Sam Bradford is out for the season…will HC Jeff Fisher bring Tim Tebow in for a look/see? Stranger things have happened.

My Season Predictions:
In horse racing, the favorites win 72% of the time, so sticking with the top line QB’s this year.

AFC: Pats/Broncos/Ravens/Colts NFC: Eagles/Seahawks/Packers/Saints Wild Cards: Bengals & Dolphins 49ers & Tampa Bay​

A few sleepers always pop up every season depending on luck and injuries! Maybe the Colts or the Bears?​

Pats and Seahawks in the Super Bowl…for sure.​

New Uni’s:
My former team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers unveiled new uniforms last weekend (Pix Attached) ​in their 24-16 win over the fading Alouettes and finally got into the next century. Thought they really looked​ futuristic. The BC Lions also have changed their stripes but are a distant second. Tampa Bay stretched the ​NFL limit too and I especially like the larger logo on the helmets. As for the rest of the teams, ‘old habits die hard’.

Blue Bomber New Uniforms


Click image to go to link

Memories Are Made of This:
The subject came up the other night over a few Margaritas about writing books at the Cathouse. Am working on three at the moment and hope that I can finish them all. But I did write a ‘non fiction’ book in 1970, titled “Get it While You’re Hot, Cause You’ll be Cold for a Long, Long Time”…An Inside Look at the CFL. The publisher loved it, till the owner of the team went ballistic and he changed his mind in a hurry and told me to keep the advance. Ah, the old Anti-Establishment days. Anyway, the attached link from the Montreal Gazette describes pretty much the entire scenario and it’s hilarious.

Medical Update:
​G​ot home from Chemo Round #2 Tuesday afternoon​. Some progress has been made as two ​blood tests were​ very positive in terms of improvement ​within ​various areas of my body from a week ago which is good news.

Did my usually 3 hours in the chair chained to the IV stand. Was the only one there again – at least it was quiet.
​Uneventful in any case and felt better walking OUT of the hospital than going IN. Sense I’m getting stronger….we’ll see how the week goes in terms of side effects. Fever/Chills started again last night and was very tired but that is now to be expected. The last eight days were pretty rough too.

​It’s a bitch when you lose your voice, even for a few days – but it looks like mine is gone forever – making it very difficult to communicate verbally. So went to Plan B. Bought a 10 inch Whiteboard, market and eraser and carry it around with me when I go shopping, to a restaurant or the bar. I write down the order, discussion points, whatever and take it from there. It’s extra effort, but working so far.

The Enchanted Kingdom:
Since it was Ashleigh’s 8th birthday, Lhyn took her and the kids to the local theme park (the Disneyland format) last Saturday in Laguna which is about 40 miles south of Manila. They left at 9am and got home at 9pm (long day) but as kids go – they would have stayed there for a week. Attached is a team photo from the adventure. Young lady on the left is Ashleigh’s nanny, Ella,​then ​Lhyn, Ash, Iyah and Thrash​.​

EK escapade

​​Speaking of Theme Parks, my son Rick reminded me of a good story this morning by email​. We were at Six Flags in St. Louis walking the grounds and came across a booth where you had to throw footballs through a set of ​tires. I saw this big giant teddy bear up high and way in the back, so asked the attendant, what do I have to do to win that. He said; “20 in a row through the middle”. I replied; “start getting it down”. After I zinged the last one right on target,​ we ​grabbed the prize and he shouted after me, “don’t come back”. Never forget that!

Thanks So Much Again for Y​our Acknowledgements and Support:
As somehow the word spreads of my illness, locally, regionally and even internationally, it is so neat to get thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement via email – from friends, acquaintances, fans, former teammates and even people I don’t even know. Just want y’all to realize how much it means to me. It gives me that additional strength to fight this battle and will do my best to win with a solid positive attitude. I even have the Benedictine Abbot in Dublin, Ireland saying a prayer for me every night at 5:45pm at Evening​ Mass. Now that is something special! He must be some powerful priest judging from the attached picture from the 15th Century.​

Benedictine Abbot 15th Century

​Have a good week gang – I’m hanging in there…
Coach T​

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  1. Jean Daly Jean Daly
    August 27, 2014    

    So pleased to hear the bloods are going in the right direction – stay strong Coach T XXX

  2. August 28, 2014    

    Dick, Enjoy your football comments and I am even more impressed with your attitude as it relates to your well-being. Keep your chin up……You can do it……..Good Man…..

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