Pre-Season 3

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Guys & Gals:
The 2nd full week of pre-season is in the books and my theory did pretty good…going 10-6 in home wins. Almost hit my parlay but the Bears stumbled out of the gate and failed to cover the (-4) spread.

Couldn’t believe the 49er’s playing for the first time in their brand new stadium and get clobbered 34-0. Then, yesterday, Johnny Football ‘flips the bird’ to the Redskins bench which will cost him $12,000 and he hasn’t played a regular season game yet. The League and coaching staffs are not putting up with those antics anymore. But, are they trying to ‘sterilize’ the game that much?

Ironic that I was watching a re-run of “Good Morning Vietnam” the other night (Robin Williams from 1987) and he was teaching a classroom full of local kids how to swear in English including ‘flipping the bird’. My how times have changed.

My fun picks this week; Jets PK / Packers -7 / Bucs +3 / Vikings +3.5 and the 49ers -6.
All UNDERS: Pittsburgh /50 Detroit / 44.5 Pats / 45.5 Packers / 43.5
Mix & Match if you want.

Medical Update:
On Monday morning walked into the Room of the Living/Dead (my code for the Chemo Treatment Area) at St. Luke’s/8am and found it completely empty. A sign from above? Who knows? A nice, comfortable lounge chair though, then two needles in my right arm putting poisons in my body for the next 3 hours. Not many side effects yet (Doc says maybe more to come) but have spent most of the last two days sleeping. Stuff really makes me tired.
After that, a meeting with my Lung Specialist (more antibiotics) but the cough has calmed down and finally with the Diabetes Doc. She said my blood sugar has leveled out somewhat but to keep taking the pills. Back to my Mercury Drug Store days. Next session is next Monday, same time/same place. Good one liner by Dr. Della Rosa; She says “I’m the wackiest patient she’s had since she became a doctor.”
​ Can’t figure out if that was a compliment or not!​

Amazing when you know you’re dying, that sometimes crazy flashbacks enter your brain from long ago. Was chatting with my good friend Marc from Canada who works for TSN as a photographer. He’ll be covering the US Open tennis tournament in New York soon. Then, zap – a classic blast from the past leaped to the forefront.

I was giving a motivational presentation at a big Conference in Manhattan maybe 15 years ago and one of my key points was – whenever you start a new project, you have to be physically and mentally prepared. So to emphasize this point, I told this story. Three teenage boys were in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. One was reading Motor Car Sports, the second, about Flying and the third, Playboy. When the Doc came out, he asked each lad what he wanted to be when he grew up? The first said a Formula One driver. The second, a pilot flying jet planes and when he got to the third, the magazine was opened to the Playboy Centerfold. the lad’s answer; “I don’t know what you call it Doc, but I can’t wait to get started.!” And with that line…every female in the room got up and walked out. Think that was the beginning of ‘political correctness’ in America and the last time I was in New York City.

War Story:
Another good buddy came to Manila for the first time a while back, and as usually happens to ‘newbies’ – fell in love (lust) with the first girl he saw on stage. Surprisingly, that relationship lasted the ten days he was here, so as a parting gift(s) before his departure back to the real world, he bought her a small fridge, microwave oven, flat iron, a TV and stereo system. When he returned six months later, he naturally inquired about his presents. Her reply; “No can use. I pawn. Village have no electricity.” Sometimes, we all have to learn the hard way.

One Of My Favorite Quotes:
The legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers back in 50’s-60’s, Vince Lombardi once said; “Winning Isn’t Everything – It’s the Only Thing.”. Guess that still holds true in college football these days. With all the scandals and now Notre Dame under investigation for academic fraud, the almighty dollar continues to take precedence over recruiting the right kind of athlete.

I don’t pay much attention to numbers when making my picks. Usually it’s ‘gut feel’ based on my experience as a player and watching the games on TV or my computer. Remember back in 1969 (the magic #) I played 16 games and never had an interception. Not even a sniff as an All-Star either but still considered it one of my finest seasons. The reason; opposing QB’s seldom threw the ball to the man I was covering. The ultimate compliment.

​My best friend Baring and I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta on the weekend. Had a super filet steak, a couple of cold beers​ and a great chat. Attached is a pix with my chemo hat…

Good luck and have fun
​ this week​
Coach T

At Outback Steak House for Lunch

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