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Dateline: St. Luke’s Departure
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Of Note:
Although my Ramblings will now appear weekly on my Website/Blog, people can still communicate on my regular email address; – at any time.

Quick Medical Update:
After a series of blood tests last week, the doctors caught a red flag in my blood sugar count, so they immediately admitted me Sunday to the hospital for a two night/three day stay in room #1664. Pretty boring stuff, trapped in bed with a series of tubes running into my right wrist and carrying this pole full of clear plastic bags every time I needed to go to the CR. Worse, no booze and no smokes. Anyhow, I survived. Excellent care, good food although cold most of the time and regular visits by doctors to check on me. They even have a DVD player attached to the TV. Lhyn just texted me. I now have a blood/sugar monitor to add to the medicine cabinet! Pix Attached below.

The bad news is that they have deemed me DIABETIC, so now am fighting a war on two fronts. More medication and possible daily shots of insulin coming soon. On top of all this, lost my voice. Ugh! Whatever, Lhyn and I celebrated my escape with a few frozen Margarita’s at the Cathouse.

The Magnetic Massage Mattress:
As always, Lhyn continues to find ways to improve my overall condition. She somehow found this mattress that shoots tiny magnetic sparks into your body that I can barely feel but which increases the blood flow and also my circulation. Makes it much easier to fall asleep too.

Angeles City:
Decided to drive up to AC next Monday and get another T-Shot from Doc Tan. Anything to give me more energy. It will also give Lhyn some more experience driving on the tollway.

Training Camps:
In full swing now, but with more than a few ‘distractions’ (synonyms; disorder-confusion-bewilderment) affecting player misconduct, suspensions and media personalities alike.

After Sundays Hall of Fame game between the Giants and Bills (still like the UNDER 33), Week 1 will officially kick off on Thursday, August 7th (Friday Morning 7am Manila Time) with six games on tap. Sure hope that ASN/Hong Kong will televise a few of them in this part of the world.

Thursday Night Games:
Many of the players have recently kicked up a fuss about having to play on game a year on Thursday night after going at it the previous Sunday. Back in my day (the early 60’s) during the playoffs, in November, in Canada we played a two game-total point semi-final series on a Saturday and Wednesday. Winning that, we played the first place team in a best of three series starting the following Saturday ( we lost ) then Wednesday (we won) then the following Saturday (we won again) and then advanced to the Grey Cup the following weekend on the road. That’s six games in three weeks time. I loved every minute of it!

A True Friend:
Lee, one of my best buddies in Thailand, recently was in America and bought Lhyn and I – Seattle Seahawk Super Bowl hats. Upon his return, he found the cost of a courier service prohibitive, so he did the next best thing and will personally deliver them and we’ll watch the Packer/Seahawk game on Friday morning, September 5th together. Thanks for doing that my friend!

More next Wednesday on my theories for betting pre-season contests.

Coach T

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  1. Mile High Mike Mile High Mike
    August 1, 2014    

    Get well coach.
    Also you might as well flip a coin when it comes to pre season games as they are a crap shoot at best. Remember a few years back when the Lions went 3-1 which included a victory over the then Super Champs NY Giants in pre season. They then went 0-16.

  2. August 4, 2014    

    Hi Coach,

    Your new bed story & acupuncture reminds me of Needles & Pins by the Searchers circa 1965 😉

    It’s Monday morning and I missed getting your emails and then looked you up on the web site.

    Is there any way of using technical wizardry to send your mailing list an email saying when you have posted?

    Keep smiling and keep taking the tablets.



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