Coach T’s Rambling Week 13

Thanksgiving, Thursday Night:
Sent our maid to Team Insider around 7pm and bought the Turkey dinner, including white meat, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and buttered corn kernel. Coach did enjoyed it much.

Friday Morning:
After two rough days, its seems that Coach getting a bit better. Sitting in our Sala while we watching the game, Seattle/San Francisco. I took him out from our room to have breakfast in Terrace while having the Sun tan and I read all your email from Thursday night, while he enjoying his Sausage muffin and a cup of coffee. Thanks to his long time friend/bank manager for suggesting us to get the wheelchair, and now it’s so easy for me to take him out from our room, to bring him in Sala, Terrace and Kitchen.


Breakfast in Terrace

Friday Afternoon:

Took him out from the house for haircut and pedicure/manicure, Using wheelchair finally he went out from our house and saw Burgos Street after staying inside our room for three weeks.

Saturday Morning:

It’s Ashleigh first communion recollection, supposed to be the parents should be the one who will attend for it and it just because Coach and I can’t go, my son Trasher and our eldest daughter Christlle will be the one who will fill in for us. And they will be in charge for Mass offering. Pix Attached. 

Trasher & Christtle

First Communion ceremony will be on next Saturday morning the 6th of December.

Our Dearest Coach:

After taking him out from our house and eating on time, Coach getting a bit better now. ECG schedule moved on Monday at the same time to see his Oncologist for check up. Instead to get the ECG today his doctor asked to get him another Blood test this afternoon, so will drive and take Coach to the nearest Clinic and get the Blood test done.

His Pick for the Week 13:

Buffalo Bills (-1.5 ) UNDER 42.5

Cincinnati Bengals ( -3 ) UNDER 44

Houston Texas ( -6.5 ) UNDER 43.5

Indianapolis Colts ( -9.5 ) UNDER 51

St. Louis Rams ( -6 ) OVER 42

Minnesota Vikings ( -2.5 ) OVER 42

Pittsburgh Steelers ( -3.5 ) UNDER 44

New York Giants ( -2.5 ) OVER 44

Baltimore ravens ( -5.5 )

Arizona Cardinals ( -2.5 )

Kansas City Chiefs ( +1.5 ) UNDER 50

In Behalf of Coach T,

Have a good weekend to all.


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