Coach T’s Rambling Week 12

Dateline Manila:

Team Guys & Gals-

Seems I blacked out the other night (can’t remember) so now Doctor Denky has suggested an MRI to see if the tumor has gone up to my brain.  Am going to take some time to make that decision.

Meanwhile, still have no energy and hope I get over that soon.

Thursday, the 20th, Ashleigh’s monthly Birthday. Lhyn bought a cake for her and we celebrate over dinner time.

Blowing the candle Monthly Birthday

Apologizes to all those wonderful friends who have sent encouragement emails from everywhere. Promise to answer them when I feel better.

My Thoughts on Week 12:

Tennessee (+11) and UNDER 49

Patriots (-7) and UNDER 48.5

The Bucs (+6) and UNDER 47

Arizona (+7) in Seattle

Dallas/Giants UNDER 48

Ravens (+3.5) and UNDER 50

Have a good weekend everyone.

Coach T

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