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Week 15 Ramblings – Golf Day

Week 15 Ramblings – Golf Day

Dateline – Sunny Sunday Manila Team Guys and Gals: Hi everybody…this is Ashleigh, Daddy’s daughter. He apologizes for his lousy picks on TNF.  Strange things have happened all the time this season. Mom and I played golf this morning. My first time on a regular course – Intra Muros and I shot 68 for 9 […]

Week 15 – Bubbles. Bangles &...

Week 15 – Bubbles. Bangles & Beads

All week synopsis Team Guys & Gals: Bubbles – 9 hanging bags of fluids into by body (4 red – 5 white) Bangles – 5 sets of needles in my arms Beads – 10 dribbles of sweat not being able to have a smoke Doc sent me into the Crash Shop last Friday.  Was confined […]

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