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Ramblings Week 4 – Out and Abou...

Ramblings Week 4 – Out and About

Dateline – Manila /Saturday Team Guys & Gals: It was Redskin UGLY yesterday morning. You cannot commit 6 turnovers (4 picks & 2 fumbles) coupled with 11 penalties and expect to win. Guess that Kirk Cousins is not the ‘real deal’ after all. At least with that many turnovers the OVER was a lock. Another […]

Mid Week Ramblings – Week 4

Mid Week Ramblings – Week 4

Dateline – Manila /Sunny For A Change Team Guys & Gals Last weekend had just about everything; brawls, ejections, more injuries, an OT thriller, comebacks and blowouts. Did good on my picks – a couple of games North of 500, which I’ll take anytime. Only three undefeated teams remaining and can’t see any one of […]

Ramblings Week 3 – Still Under ...

Ramblings Week 3 – Still Under The Weather

Dateline – Makati / Mini Typhoon Team Guys and Gals: ​Not only was it raining outside yesterday​, but Lhyn had a mop in her hands most of the day shift​ (instead of pots and pans) in the kitchen at work and now one of our bedrooms is soaked – on the 11th floor. Cracked glass […]

Rough Mid-Week Ramblings Week 3

Rough Mid-Week Ramblings Week 3

Dateline – Mostly My Bedroom Team Guys & Gals: It’s been six days and am still in 7/8th sleep mode. Then just when I was feeling better on Tuesday, slipped in the shower; damaged both elbows and hit my head on the back wall. So now have a concussion to deal with. No appetite either. […]

Ramblings Week 2 The Crash Shop

Ramblings Week 2 The Crash Shop

Dateline: Friday 8am / St. Luke’s Hospital Guys and Gals: Just sitting here in the Chemo Treatment Room waiting for the tubes going into my arms, so thought I’d start my Ramblings and make a few picks, since I can’t go anywhere for the next four hours except hobble to the CR. Miami (-1) at […]

Mid Week Ramblings – 2 / Back T...

Mid Week Ramblings – 2 / Back To Back

Dateline – Manila Sept 11th Guys & Gals: Still feeling the effects of Chemo Treatment #3 on Monday and to make matters worse, Doc ordered another one for tomorrow, Friday to reach the halfway mark. All I know, it’s going to be a very boring, possibly painful and sleepy weekend. The first week of the […]

Ramblings Week 1 – Ready For So...

Ramblings Week 1 – Ready For Some Football?

Dateline: Angeles City – The Orchid Inn Guys & Gals: The Trip: Fabulous journey. Drove up yesterday morning. First stop was at​ Doc Tan’s​. Had some moles and warts removed from my back and shoulder and Lhyn had an Open-Facial Minimizer(whatever that is? ​and then we all ​had lunch. Next stop was the ‘Nasty Duck’ […]

Early Edition – Monday Sept 1st...

Early Edition – Monday Sept 1st, 2014

Dateline Manila – The Sky Is Falling Guys & Gals: Finally, the pre-season is over and we can get down to the ‘Real Thing” ( old Coca-Cola slogan) and with the only one game scheduled to kick it all off – Green Bay at Seattle. That will come on Friday morning at 8:30am (Manila Time) […]

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