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Coach T’s Ramblings – Con...

In the Crash Shop

Dateline: St. Luke’s Departure Guys & Gals: Of Note: Although my Ramblings will now appear weekly on my Website/Blog, people can still communicate on my regular email address; – at any time. Quick Medical Update: After a series of blood tests last week, the doctors caught a red flag in my blood sugar count, […]

Coach T’s Ramblings – The...

Coach T’s Ramblings – The Cross/Over

Dateline – Aftermath of the Typhoon Team Guys & Gals: Important Notice: Just to let everyone know, this will be the final ‘G-Mail’ Ramblings attached to this email address. All future Ramblings will be available on my Website / at the appropriate times (usually a day or two before games start) relating to contests […]

Coach T’s Ramblings -Tripping J...

Coach T’s Ramblings -Tripping July 2

Dateline Manila – Very Early Wednesday Morning Team Guys’ & Gals: Had to get up to watch the WC game between the USA and Belgium at 4M. Pretty exciting or maybe I was just prejudiced. Thought America should have shot on goal more. They tried to get too fancy too many times and it didn’t […]

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