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Coach T’s Ramblings – Sen...

Coach T’s Ramblings – Sent Sunday

Dateline Makati on a Sunny, Windy Day Team Guys & Gals: Well, the final results are in. Lhyn picked the paper this morning from the pathologist at PolyMedic Hospital and it was short, simple and easy to understand. It is attached below for those interested. Seems I have something called Adenocarcinoma. Now we all know […]

Coach T Ramblings – Biopsy Done

Coach T Ramblings – Biopsy Done

Dateline Makati – Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Team Guys and Gals: First, thanks for all your encouraging emails from around the globe which kept me positive on all fronts this morning. Everyone got organized at 10:40am and I go back into the C-Scan Room. Had two main doctors with me and 4 more were in […]

Coach T’s Ramblings with Latest...

Coach T’s Ramblings with Latest Medical Update

Dateline – Makati Thursday April 10th, 2014 Team Guys & Gals For those of us that either live here in the Philippines or visit frequently, you know that things don’t happen fast in this country. Even with the VIP status I maintain to some degree in various circles…everything takes time. Earlier this week when i […]

Off Season Ramblings – This &am...

Off Season Ramblings – This & That

Dateline – Angeles City/Makati Team Guys & Gals: Quick Medical Report: Drove to AC Monday Morning…good meeting with Doc Tan. He’s a great salesman and could sell a hole to a brand new pair of shoes. Amazing, he talked me into getting a biopsy to see what that mass is in my left lung. Common […]

Coach T’s Ramblings – Med...

Coach T’s Ramblings – Medical Report Updates

Dateline Manila – Cool Breezes Prevail Team Guys & Gals: Sincerely appreciate everyone’s concern about my recent health issues, so here is the latest update. After having gone through two chest X-Rays, an Echo Cardiogram for the heart, a host of blood tests and a CAT-Scan, seems we are no closer to the cause of […]

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