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Dateline Makati: Actually Chilly at N...

Makati at night

Guys & Gals: Local News: Don’t know what’s happening, but I’ve been wearing a T-Shirt around the house lately. Temperatures went as low as 22C/72F last night yet it was actually refreshing. In Bangkok, site of the recent and on-going protest demonstrations, it was the coldest evening in 30 years. Crazy, but at least it’s […]

Dateline – Makati / On My Terra...


Guys & Gals: We are now entering into the ‘lull before the storm’. Twelve days before the final football game of the 2013 season, so will send out the occasional Ramblings when I feel like it – leading up to Super Bowl 48. Championship Weekend Review: Got up at 3:30am with great anticipation for the […]

Dateline: Makati / Lhyn’s Resto...

Coke vs Pepsi

Guys & Gals: Decided to get out of the house for a change and do my Ramblings from a different environment yet a convenient location. Sometimes it helps the thought process. The Last Weeks Divisional Playoffs: It was fairly easy getting up at 5:30am on Sunday morning for the Saint’s/Seahawks contest, Thought there were some […]

Dateline – Sunny Manila and HOT

Manila Traffic

Guys & Gals: Local News: Picked up my new glasses from Rockwell the other day and wow…I can see again. What a difference. Also had a ‘de-tox’ treatment at the Salon next to Lhyn’s resto / bar to get all those ugly toxins out of my system. It’s amazing the junk that comes out of […]

Dateline Manila – Still Somewha...


Guys & Gals: The holiday season has come to an end – finally…and we’re back to normal on Monday. Hope everyone had a joyous Holiday Season and all the best in 2014. College Bowl Games: Some fantastic College Bowl games earlier this week. Texas A&M won a shootout with Duke in the waning minutes and […]

Dateline: A Very Quiet and Deserted M...

Happy New Year

Guys & Gals: First, a very Happy New Year and Successful 2014 to all my readers around the world, it’s nice to share some peace and quiet this morning after a very loud and noisy NY Eve.  This country has a penchant for fireworks (with a total disregard for safety) midst loud booms and bangs […]

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